What is a State Senator?

People have been asking me what a Legislator does.

Arizona is divided into 30 legislative districts. Each legislative district has one State Senator and two State Representatives. State Senators serve in the State Senate and State Representatives serve in the State House of Representatives. Both are also called state legislators. State Senators and Representatives are elected every two years by the registered voters within their district.

State Senators and Representatives are the only people in the state that can introduce new legislation (bills) and vote on legislation. If the legislation is approved by both the Senate and the House, it is then passed onto the governor for approval. If the governor signs the bill, it eventually becomes law. Legislators also approve the state’s budget, vote on resolutions, vote on referendums to place on the ballot, and help constituents with problems.  Ideas for bills are often provided to the legislators by individual citizens, non-profit groups, community groups, cities, business groups, and governmental departments.

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