Let’s preserve America before its too late


Concerns about the future of our state and nation and the belief that I can make a difference are the reasons I ran for office to be your State Representative. Now, more than ever, I am deeply concerned about our nation’s future and strongly believe that Americans need to unite to fight for the America that our founding fathers gave us and that our military so bravely defends. If you are concerned too, please contact me at DLesko@azleg.gov or 602-926-5413 so we can join forces to work together.

I believe the very soul of our nation is at risk. We are a nation founded on the principles of individual freedoms, market competition, and a nation where any hard-working person can achieve his or her dreams.

But in just a few months, we have turned into a nation whose government owns and controls auto industries, has taken over control of banks, fires and hires executives, and hands out endless amounts of bail out money, in the form of our tax dollars, to individuals and businesses that probably didn’t act responsibly to begin with.

Our President and democrat-controlled congress have increased spending by over $1 Trillion in just 100 days and have plans that will double our national debt in just 5 years. Even China, which is now America’s largest creditor, wonders if it should lend us more money.

Now our President and democratic congress members want to expand national healthcare to everyone even though Medicare, just founded in 1965, will run out of trust funds in only 9 years. How are we going to afford that if we can’t even afford what the government runs now?

On top of that, Obama recently expanded a program that will make it easier for homeowners who owe far more than their houses are worth to sell them at a loss, costing taxpayers billions more on top of the billions we’ve already spent.

We simply can’t continue to grow government more than we can afford. That is why I will do my part at the state level to balance our state budget and decrease regulations that stifle individuals and businesses. That is why I want to work with you to influence actions at the national level. Let’s work together before it is too late.

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