How Can I Help You?

How can I help you?

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping people. Within the last week alone, I helped a breast cancer survivor who was charged a $300 facility fee for a routine 15 minute doctor visit; I contacted the prison system for a father of a suicidal son to make sure he was receiving appropriate treatment; I contacted the Dysart School Superintendent on behalf of a father who told me his son’s teacher was assigning politically one-sided assignments in economics class; I investigated the oversight of home repair warranties thanks to a Peoria air conditioner contractor alerting me to problems; I’m reviewing state procurement rules because a Peoria manufacturer contacted me with concerns; I asked senate staff to contact an insurance company for a Sun City woman who isn’t getting the information she needs; and I helped a woman who has questions about condo association fees.

I ran for office to make a difference. When I can help people like this or when I pass legislation that helps people across the state, like my legislation to help patients settle surprise medical bills or my legislation to help school PTAs, I feel like my job is worth it.

If you need assistance with a problem, have an idea for legislation, or simply want me to write a letter to someone for a special occasion or recognition, please contact me at or 602-926-5413.

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