Budget Prioritizes Education

Great News! The Arizona legislature passed the state budget last week.  It is structurally balanced, prioritizes education, funds other important needs, and includes a tax cut for individual taxpayers.

Here are some highlights:

  • Balanced budget with a tax cut for individuals
  • Increases funding to K-12 education by $353M
  • Provides a 2% teacher raise over 2 years in addition to any raises the school districts gave. (For example, this school year the Peoria School teachers got a 6.81% raise on-going, plus 3.18% one-time and an additional .5% from Prop 301 sales tax revenue increase)
  • Rewards high-performing schools
  • Provides $ for new school construction and repairs
  • Provides funding for local roads
  • Increases funding to the people that take care of the developmentally and physically disabled and elderly
  • Increases funding to protect the elderly from abuse
  • Increases funding to the universities
  • Provides funding to test backlogged rape kits
  • Provides funding to increase adoptions
  • Funds diversion programs for drug-users so they won’t end up in prison

Find greater details HERE

Please contact me anytime with questions, comments or input at DLesko@azleg.gov or 602-926-5413.

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