Nov. 8th Ballot Measures

Nov. 8th Ballot Measures:

Note: None of these ballot measures were referred to the ballot by the legislature and the legislature cannot change the ballot measures with a majority vote even if there are unintended consequences with the ballot measures.

  1. Proposition 205 legalizes recreational marijuana in Arizona.  Prop 205 language and pro and con statements begin on page 16 at THIS LINK.
  2. Proposition 206 increases the minimum wage to $12/hour.  Prop 206 language and pro and con statements begin on page 58 at THIS LINK.
  3. Peoria School District $198 Million Bond will cost an avg. homeowner $203/year for the next 26 years according to the voter pamphlet (for a home valued at $250k). Most of the money will be used to build two new schools in north Peoria.  The state will fund the building of new schools when the district reaches student capacity.  The school district did not request state funding for the new schools.  The school district is not near student capacity. Three school board members voted to place this bond on the ballot and two school board members, Judy Doane and Beverly Pingerelli, voted against placing the bond on the ballot suggesting that if the approximately 2,000 students attending PUSD schools from outside the district were sent back to their home schools/districts, there may not be a need to build new schools.
  4. City of Peoria’s Prop 400 will increase sales tax to 8.5% on retail purchases, 10% on utilities, and 9.5% at Restaurants & Bars. Food tax will increase to 2%. Money is slated to be used primarily for open space, a cultural center, a recreation center and an aquatic center in north Peoria.
  5.  West-MEC’s $141 Million Bond will be  used primarily to construct and equip new and current career and technical education facilities.
  6. City of Surprise’s $63 Million Bond‘s top two expenses are for a recreation complex and an aquatic center expansion.
  7. Sun City Fire District $10 Million Bond will be used primarily for new equipment, vehicles, and a new fire station.

Governor Ducey and the state legislature work hard to fund vital state programs without raising taxes. This year local governments have placed numerous measures on the November 8th ballot that, if passed, will increase taxes.  It is important that you realize that the legislature cannot control these tax increases if the voters pass them.

I encourage you to research these ballot measures. Please contact me anytime at or 602-926-5413.

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