Feb. 2016

I am very pleased that my pension reform legislation, SB1428, passed out of the legislature with bipartisan support, was signed by the governor, and will be on the May 17th ballot!  After one year of negotiations with fire fighter and law enforcement associations, Republican and Democratic legislators, cities, counties, and the governor’s office we got it done!  This reform will help sustain the retirement system for our fire fighters and police and save taxpayers over $1.5 billion.  I highly encourage you to vote yes on May 17th.


photo by AZ Capitol Times

I’m thankful to my fellow senators for unanimously supporting my legislation, SB1142, to help the Department of Child Safety reduce the backlog in inactive and uninvestigated cases. These cases stem from complaints of child abuse and neglect and we need to know if these children are safe.  The legislation requires the department to outsource the backlogs to professional private providers.  At the end of December 2015, there were over 13,000 backlogged cases even though the legislature appropriated $45 million over the last 2 years to solve the problem.  This legislation will help reduce the backlog and allow DCS caseworkers the time to investigate new complaints.
SB1241, my legislation to prohibit photo radar cameras on state highways, passed out of the Senate and will be heard in the House this week.   There are only two cameras left on state highways.  One on Grand Ave. placed there by the City of El Mirage and the other on Hwy 260 east of Payson placed there by the Town of Star Valley.  Constituents in my district have overwhelmingly told me they oppose photo radar on state highways. I believe the legislature, not the cities, should determine if photo radar belongs on state highways.
Please feel free to contact me anytime at DLesko@azleg.gov or 602-926-5413.   I love my job and I’d love to hear from you.

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