June 2015


1.  I’m pleased that the Council of State Governments, a national organization comprised of legislators from across the nation, voted to include my roof-top solar consumer protection legislation, SB1465, in their suggested state legislation portfolio.

2.  To better understand my legislation and to hear my thoughts on the EPA’s proposed rule affecting Arizona, please click HERE to see my interview on E & E TV.

3.  APS is offering a new Solar Partner Program to 1,500 homes in select neighborhoods, including some areas in Sun City.  The homeowner gets rooftop solar at no cost to them plus a monthly bill credit of $30/month  for 20 years.   APS owns the system and covers the cost of installation and maintenance, so there are no lease payments or up front costs.

Participation in the program is limited to customer homes that:

·         Are located in specific neighborhoods
·         Have west to southwest-facing roofs with no significant shading
·         Have appropriate roofing materials such as typical shingle or flat concrete tile
·         Have enough roof space for solar panels
·         Do not already have rooftop solar

To learn more about this program and to see if your home qualifies, visit:aps.com/solarpartner

EDUCATION UPDATE:   How much does each student receive per year?

It seems like every news article I read claims different K-12 education funding levels in our state.  Some only report funding from the state general fund, but that is not an accurate picture. It is important that you understand how much students receive from all sources.

According to AZ Dept. of Education reports, total funding for district schools =
$9,096 /student per year in fiscal year 2014 *.

Funding breakdown per student per year in fiscal year 2014:
Local revenues including property taxes =         $4,155/student/year
County revenues =                                                   $   295/student/year
State Funding =                                                        $3,453/student/year
Federal Funding =                                                   $1,194/student/year
TOTAL =                                                                   $9,096/student/year

(*This is an average.  Some school districts receive more and some less depending on several factors)

Together, we can make a difference.


Debbie Lesko

Arizona State Senate
Legislative District 21

God Bless America 
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