State of Education in Arizona- Budget Update 4-16-15

The state of Education in Arizona – April 2015

K-12 Education makes of 43% of the state general fund spending.

Below is a list of spending by Agency:

Department:            Total:                       Percent:
K-12 Education    $ 3,889,569,400     42.6%
Universities    $ 666,900,700     7.3%
Corrections    $ 1,035,423,600     11.3%
AHCCCS    $ 1,205,197,900     13.2%
Health Services    $ 603,053,500     6.6%
Economic Security    $ 496,195,500    5.4%
Child Safety    $ 357,132,600     3.9%
Other    $ 872,381,400     9.6%
Total    $ 9,125,854,600     100.0%

K-12 Education Spending :
Fiscal Year    K-12 Funding    Percent Increase
FY 2012    $3,374,706,200    N/A
FY 2013    $3,464,988,900    2.68%
FY 2014    $3,667,831,200    5.85%
FY 2015    $3,808,392,700    3.83%
FY 2016    $3,889,569,400    2.13%

*Source: Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Key Points:
1)    Each budget cycle, the Legislature is tasked with setting priorities and determining how to spend the State’s precious resources that it receives from taxpayers. As you can see the state spends nearly half of its $9.1 billion budget on K-12 education and higher education.
2)    Since FY2012 the state has continued to invest more and more resources into K-12 education. As the economy continues to rebound more resources have been allocated to support our teachers, families and students.

Higher Education Funding:

Since Fiscal Year 2008, total funding to Community Colleges and Universities has increased $1.2 Billion.  In Fiscal Year 2016, because of budget constraints, the state reduced funding to Universities by $99 Million, which accounts for a 2% decrease of their total funding.

*Source: Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Key Points:
1)    During the Great Recession the state was forced to make hard choices, while still supporting strong investments in our higher education system.
2)    From FY2008 to FY2015 the state made $342 million in reductions to higher education, while the university system raised tuition by $832 million during that same time period. The university system increased tuition by more than double the level of reductions that occurred.
3)    Universities have seen an overall increase in revenues between FY2008 and FY 2015 of over $1 billion.

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