Photo Radar Legislation:

My photo radar legislation, HB2477, passed out of the Arizona House of Representatives and will soon be voted on by the Senate.  It is commonsense, middle of the road legislation that will require cities to demonstrate to the Arizona Department of Transportation that there is a public safety reason for placing a photo radar camera on a state highway and that public safety has improved as a result of the camera.  Even though Governor Brewer did not renew the photo radar camera contract on state highways, cities are still allowed to place the cameras on state highways under current law.  The legislation only affects state highways and does not totally eliminate the cameras as some would like, but it does prevent cities from placing cameras on state highways for revenue-only purposes.

The legislation, I sponsored and the Governor supports, that simplifies our complicated sales tax system and helps businesses and employers across the state, passed out of another Senate committee this week.  A large coalition of employers across the state support this legislation because they realize Arizona has the most complicated sales tax and audit system in the entire nation.  The legislation will NOT increase sales tax rates, but will simplify how businesses have to pay and remit their taxes and will reduce a businesses’ audit exposure to one single audit instead of the multiple audits by multiple jurisdictions that they are subjected to now.

May you and your family have a Blessed Easter.

Together, we can make a difference.


Debbie Lesko

Arizona State Representative
Legislative District 21

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