Fender Guitar World HQ in Valley

Did you know that the World Headquarters of Fender Guitar is located right here in the Valley?  Fender is the largest music conglomerate in the world and I am happy that they are located in Arizona employing 350 people.  The former CEO moved to Arizona from California because of our beautiful weather, our lower cost of living, and because of Arizona’s less burdensome regulations.

Listening to "The Maine"

Not only is it important that we keep Fender and other businesses in our community, but it is also important that our state legislature continues to provide a good environment for businesses to succeed and for their employees to live.  The Jobs legislation and regulation reforms our state legislature  passed last year provides a good business environment and our lower taxes and lower home prices provide a good place for employees to live.

While there, we were entertained by “The Maine” a band based right here in the Valley of the Sun and of course….they played Fender Guitars.




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