Letter to the Editor submitted to AZ Republic 6-14-11:

I submitted the following letter to the editor to the AZ Republic in response to the columns they printed today, June 14th, criticizing the legislature.  In addition, I am unsure why the Governor called the special session since the needed votes were not lined up.  The legislature adjourned the special session because we didn’t have the votes and we didn’t want to spend any more taxpayer money on legislator’s per diem pay.

Letter to the Editor:

The good news is that the “Jobs Bills” supported by Republican legislators is already bringing new jobs into Arizona.  The bad news is that the national economy is still in the tank and good people throughout the country are still out of work.  Legislators had to make a decision.  Should   taxpayers pay for 1.5 years of unemployment benefits for those out of work or continue the payments to almost 2 years. Critics of the legislature have stated that we should have extended the benefits to 2 years since no state money would be used.  But, the money comes from your federal tax dollars or worse yet, from money borrowed from places like China. Let’s help create jobs, protect taxpayers, and save our Country at the same time.

House Majority Whip Debbie Lesko
State Representative, District 9

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