Memorial Day/Rosie the Riveters


Memorial Day 2011, photo courtesy of The Glendale Star

I hope all of you had a good Memorial Day.  I was honored to have shared part of the day with Veterans, Active Duty Military, and families of fallen soldiers when I was asked to speak at the Resthaven Cemetery’s service in Glendale.  I was very moved by Chaplain Butler’s speech which included episodes of war.  He really embraced the meaning of Memorial Day.  It was difficult not to shed a tear.

On May 28th I also had the honor of being invited to Rosie the Riveter Day in Sun City.  What a great group of ladies! These women worked in factories and munitions plants while the men were fighting in WWII.  This group of ladies has a spirit about them that you just can’t compare!  One after the other shared memories and then they broke into song….singing a Rosie the Riveter tune.  The women wore Rosie the Riveter Shirts with a picture of a woman wearing a red bandana flexing her biceps.  Over the picture, the motto “We Can Do It” said it all.

Rosie the Riveters, Sun City

“WE CAN DO IT”…That is the spirit of America.  That is the spirit of the men and women who have given their lives and who fight for our Country.  That is the spirit of Rosie the Riveters. That is the spirit that I grew up with and that is the spirit I want to pass down to my children.

I wish all of you God’s Blessings today and every day and may God continue to Bless the United States of America.

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