The Governor’s Budget Proposal:

The Governor has shown courage in an impossible situation.  The state budget is about $2 Billion short for the next two fiscal years.  The options to solve the problem are to raise taxes or cut spending.  The Governor and Republican-led legislature are not going to raise taxes.  Voters decided that by electing us in November.  The state spends most of its money on education and healthcare. To solve the problem, one or both of these areas have to be cut. Even if every other agency besides prisons were eliminated, it wouldn’t solve the problem. The Governor’s budget proposal protects K-12 grade education. The major cuts are to healthcare.  Arizona allows more people to be covered for free or reduced healthcare than almost every other state.  Arizona now covers 1 out of every 5 people on AHCCCS.  Because of this, the Governor has proposed that we reduce the number of people that qualify for AHCCCS to a level comparable to other states. We are down to two options: cut healthcare to a level comparable to other states or make huge cuts to education.  I think the Governor has made the right decision.

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