The other day I received an email with pictures from the Anti-Senate Bill 1070 rally that took place on May 29th.  One sign said “White Racists Go back to Europe”.  Another sign read “We are here to confront the racist squatters on our continent who dare to call us foreigners”.  Another sign depicted the Arizona symbol with the rays of sun and in place of the star they put a Nazi symbol with bold print that said “Boycott Arizona”.  A group was carrying a banner that read “Fight for Socialism”  and yet another group was selling communist books.  Then there were people carrying Mexican flags.

The pictures really irritated me, especially since I’m a co-sponsor of the legislation.  What irritates me even more are the Arizona elected officials who encourage others to boycott our own state.

On Memorial Day I gave a speech at Resthaven Park Cemetery in Glendale.  I felt it was important to remind people that the only reason that we can protest and attend rallies is because our U.S. Service men and women fight and die everyday to protect the constitutional freedoms our founding fathers fought hard to create.

I did not serve in the military.  My father and uncles did.  For those of  you who did serve in the military, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  But for all of you that didn’t, like me, we can help protect America too.  We can get involved in our community.  We can attend local political meetings and meet the people on the ballot.  We can go to rallies.  We can attend events and we can fight for the freedoms that have made this nation great.

I know some of you are already involved.  I probably saw you at the large pro-SB1070 rally, at a political meeting, or volunteering in the schools.  For those who want to get more involved, please contact me at 602-926-5413 or

Our U.S. Service men and women died to protect our freedoms.  The least we can do is get involved and fight for what we believe in.

Please get involved and stand up for what you believe in, before it is too late.  Together, we can make a difference.

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