I’ve had a demanding, but rewarding first legislative session. I’ve introduced and co-sponsored important legislation, I’ve voted for and against other legislation, I’ve worked to help balance our state budget, and I’ve met and helped many constituents that live in our great community. I serve as Vice Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and serve on the Public Employee Retirement Committee and the Ethics Committee.

P1120022One of the most important duties this year has been balancing our state budget. The legislature balanced the 2009 budget in January and then, in June, balanced the 2010 budget twice-both times without a tax increase. We continue to work with the Governor to reach a compromise budget that she will sign. On July 31st House and Senate leadership reached a budget agreement with the Governor that was approved by the House, and as of July 31st was one vote short in the Senate. We will resume negotiations this week.

One of my next goals is to form a task force comprised of republican and democrat legislators, citizens, and state employees to work on a way to limit state welfare and health assistance to only those people who really need help and to only legal U.S. citizens. If you have suggestions or know of specific violations, please contact me at: 602-926-5413 or DLesko@azleg.gov I certainly could use your help.

I also want to continue to meet and update people throughout our legislative district.
If you’d like me to attend your event or come down to the Capitol to meet with me or get a tour, please contact me. Again, my number is 602-926-5413, my email is DLesko@azleg.gov and my website is: www.DebbieLesko.com

I really enjoy my job. At times it’s very challenging, but it sure is rewarding. I want to thank all of you again for giving me this opportunity. Working together I truly believe we can make a difference!

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